Tear Gas Removal Services

Tear Gas Removal ServicesIn hostile situations, law enforcement officials may have to resort to using tear gas to subdue volatile individuals. Unfortunately, tear gas pellets and missiles can damage property and leave behind a hazardous residue.

Cleaning up tear gas is one of the most challenging tasks we undergo. It doesn’t just trigger crying – tear gas can also result in violent physical reactions and is difficult to fully eradicate from a structure.

Experience is Important

Improper remediation by inexperienced cleanup crews may result in inadvertent exposure to these irritants, causing rashes and allergic reactions which affect the mucous membranes and respiratory system. Medical research also suggests that exposure can also cause permanent damage to the heart and liver. Proper tear gas remediation calls for specialized equipment and trained service technicians, like those we employ.

How We Remove Tear Gas

Using state-of-the-art technology and strict control procedures, we provide professional cleanup for your home or business. We perform structural remediation to remove damaged walls, floors and surface coverings and carefully wash affected surfaces in the home to restore safety. We routinely work with law enforcement professionals who refer our services, and we are trained in complex crime scene cleanup situations involving trauma and tear gas.

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