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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning and Disinfecting

Coronavirus has increased serious health and safety concerns for everyone across the entire world. Many businesses and homes have been contaminated by the virus. Those structures require coronavirus (COVID-19) disinfecting to reduce the possible spread of this virus. The CDC has estimated that the virus can live nearly a week on surfaces. This makes the Coronavirus extremely hard to contain. The continued growth and spread of the Coronavirus has caused many lives to be impacted or lost.

Assured Decontamination Service is a professional specialized cleaning and disinfecting service trained to disinfect homes, business facilities and institutions concerned with Coronavirus (COVID-19) contamination. Talk to us about Coronavirus remediation. When you require a biohazardous remediation company for coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning and disinfecting, contact the best: contact Assured Decontamination Service!

Expert Level Cleaning Services – Coronavirus Decontamination and Disinfection.

Assured Decontamination Service professionals are specifically prepared to disinfect your home or place of business according to the guidelines set by the CDC. We have years of experience in dealing with biological decontamination and containment. We will go beyond the scope of work that a standard janitorial company performs. Our professional technicians are trained to perform a proactive cleaning that involves facility or structure cleaning and disinfection, and emergency services for properties that have been verified to be impacted with the COVID-19 virus. Cleanup procedures generally include disinfecting of porous and non-porous surfaces using a UVL fogger, and disposal of items deemed to be high risk.

The CDC encourages disinfecting all of high traffic areas such as counters, doorknobs and handles, light switches, walls, personal office equipment and other surface areas. This is done by using a UVL fogger that aerosolizes the disinfecting agent to microscopic size. The fogger then penetrates all areas, covering surfaces and items without the need of direct contact from cleaning equipment. This method provides complete coverage while preventing the cross-contamination of the virus.

Specialized Products

The CDC recommends using EPA hospital-grade disinfectants with proven abilities against similar pathogens. Multiple disinfectants in Assured Decontamination Service’s inventory are EPA-certified effectiveness against most emerging pathogens. Currently there is no cleaning product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are following all guidelines and recommendations by the CDC and local health departments for cleaning agents and cleaning procedures.

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