Laboratory Cleaning and Disinfecting

Lab DisinfectionWe supply laboratory cleaning and disinfecting services to both the government and the private sector. This covers a multitude of scenarios such as clean rooms for electronics and microchips, chemical labs, and biohazardous labs. We have the expertise and proper equipment to handle your facilities needs.

Following Government Regulations

Every laboratory cleaning and disinfecting is personalized based on the client’s needs, materials in the lab and the time frame the work needs to be done. We use OSHA and PCA-approved cleaners for the professional cleaning of these areas and instrumentation in those environments. We cross-check the compatibility of our cleaners with the materials and instruments in your facility based on SDS information and management intel. Our hours of operation are 24/7/365 so we will work when your facility is closed so as not to disrupt your work environment.

Personal Protective Equipment

All of our technicians are certified and trained in the use of respirators, personal protective equipment donning and doffing, and a wide variety of HEPA filters and cleaners for sterile lab settings.

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