Trauma and Death Scene Cleanup Services

trauma and death scene cleanup

We provide trauma and death scene cleanup services to families and companies needing emergency services from our certified biohazardous remediation teams. Assured Decontamination Service offers crime and death scene cleanup services nationwide. We are available 24/7/365 to address your emergency crime scene cleanup needs.

Homicides, Suicides, Accidents, and Post-Mortem Deaths

We provide professional service for the proper cleanup, containment, deodorization, and disposal of any potentially infectious materials (blood and bodily fluids) following accidents, natural deaths, homicides, and suicides. We are a biohazard remediation and forensic services company. All technicians are certified and trained to OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 1910.1030. All waste is transported according to DOT regulations to a licensed medical waste disposal facility for proper destruction.

We also disinfect and clean law enforcement vehicles, commercial and private vehicles. Our technicians exceed federal and state guidelines for trauma scene abatement. Unlike other companies, all of our company vehicles are unmarked for assured discretion.

Fingerprint Dust Removal

We remove fingerprint dust and luminol after law enforcement agencies have gathered all their evidence from a crime scene. All law enforcement investigative items and processes are professionally cleaned so as not to leave the property for the owner to deal with. We have specialized detergents and cleaners used by our trained technicians to handle this burden so you don’t have to.

Forensic Evidence Transportation, Disposal, and Storage

We transport, properly package, document, and destroy forensic evidence for criminal cases that are stored at city, county, state, or federal agencies. This service properly documents the chain of evidence as well as its final storage place or destruction. We clean all weapons from any biohazards and secure them so they will not discharge. All illegal narcotics are weighed and documented, and all biohazardous tainted items are properly secured for storage or destruction. A photolog is also kept for proper record.

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